Marbleous Blocks

Marbleous Blocks is a point & click, physics based, 3D-puzzle game with a retro vibe.

Master thesis

GPU-optimized generation of normal and color maps.

Pixleon Engine

A game engine written in C++ with focus on 3D-games with physics.


Back in 2008 I started working at a company called Configura. More than ten years later I have learnt a lot and had the chance to work with some brilliant people.

Currently I am working as a freelance developer for Pixleon AB.

Below is a list of some of the things I have been working on, either by myself or in a small team:

  • Converting the material system for CET Designer to be PBR based (metal/roughness workflow).
    • Developing an internal texture format to easily load different resolutions of the same texture.
  • Creating a scene graph API and graphics file format called CmSym.
  • Integration of REDsdk in CET Designer.
  • Creating an API to define high level materials.
  • Creating tools for CET Designer:
    • Model Lab: Helps developers to prepare 2D/3D-models.
    • Material Lab: Helps developers to define materials.
  • Creating a VR extension called Virtual Viewer.
  • Real-time optimizations:
    • Frustum culling accelerated by a BSP tree.
    • Incremental LOD selection/switching in order to maintain good frame rate.
    • Various caching systems (textures, materials etc).
  • Creating a render server solution.
  • Educating developers/users of CET Designer in topics related to visualization.
  • Mentoring:
    • Master thesis students.
    • University students doing internships.
    • Employees at Configura.